Jim Shrimplin

Where do you keep the Word of God?

In my library, I have lot of books. The other day someone came into my office and asked, “Have you read all those books?” I gave him a long answer of how some are reference works so you don’t sit down and it them cover to cover. But you, I will give you the short answer, “No.”. I have not read all the books in my library. I have not even read all the books that I should have read cover to cover. I have a place for my books called a bookshelf.

Most of my books set on the bookshelf year after year and never get touch let alone read. They might make me look smart but really setting on the bookshelf they don’t me any good. Unfortunately, that is where most people keep the Bible. They keep it on the bookshelf. It rarely gets read and it is never understood. The Word of God does this person no good.

There is another way we can keep the Word of God on the bookshelves of our lives. How? When we read it and then walk away from it. We go to church hear the preaching of God’s Word and then go out to eat like we were never there. We just go through the motions of church, but come Monday morning we are the same person we were on Saturday night. No transformation. No Change and the sad part is there are lot a people that thinks this is okay. I hope and pray that this is not you or me.

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