Jim Shrimplin

Where do you keep the Word of God?

The second place that some people keep the Word of God is in their minds. What does that look like you ask? Good questions. Keeping the Word of God in the mind comes in two forms. The first form can be found in a person that knows what the Bible says but does not believe it.

A classic example, a person who studies the Bible not to know God but to come up with ways to convince Christians the Bible is wrong. They come up with apparent contradictions in the Bible show them to their Christian friend and say, “See the Bible is not trust worthy.” Unfortunately, the arguments can be pervasive to those that are not familiar with Scripture.

As Christians having the Word of God in our heads is a better thing than it collecting dust on a coffee table. The Word of God in our head only allows us to know things about the Bible like: Who are the characters are, the time period of the story, the location the story take place, the genre of the passage, who the human author of the story, etc. A person with the God’s Word in their heads maybe able to quote long passages, but never experienced the God contained in the Scriptures.

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