Jim Shrimplin

So Many Steps

I don’t know how long I have been working on this new website and podcast.  But one thing that I was not ready for was all the steps that are necessary.  In the next couple of weeks, I will blog about all the different steps.  I will post about what equipment I will be using to produce the podcast and what I think of each piece of audio gear.  Starting a podcast and the corresponding website is not as easy as I had hoped.  I will get it done and I will learn a lot then I will pass my new knowledge on to you.  Let me give a sneak peek into some of the steps we will be covering.


Step 1: Why?  Why do I want to create a blog, podcast, and website?
Step 2: Podcast: What do I need?
Step 4: Website: What do I need?
Step5: Blog?  Should I or Should I not?
Step 6: Topics
Step 7: Guest
Step 8: Scheduling Guest
Step 9: Audio Recording
Step 10: Producing the Podcast
Step 11: Finding Time To Blog
Step 12: Website Hosting
Step 13: Podcast Hosting
Step 14: Problems
Step 15: Problems Solved!  I hope?
Step 16: When to Launch?
Step 17: Getting Ready to Launch
Step 18: Launching
Step 19: New and Noteworthy.
Step 20: I don’t know what’s next?

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