Show Notes:  Streamlining The Committee
Scheduled Guest: Rev. Terry Pollard
Release Date: February 1, 2019
Rev. Terry Pollard’s Bio:

Terry is a pastor in the United Methodist Church of the Iowa Annual Conference. He has served for nearly 39 years in varied ministry responsibilities as a senior pastor, Bible college associate professor, denominational editor-in-chief, denominational magazine editor, free-lance writer, Sunday school curriculum editor and writer and Christian school administrator. Along with serving as a pastor in the United Methodist Church, he has also pastored in the Church of God (Holiness), The Wesleyan Church, and Fellowship of Bible Churches – having served churches in Washington, Louisiana, Alabama, Missouri, and Iowa.  He has also trained pastors, teachers, and community leaders nationally and internationally. He and his wife, Diana, live in New Sharon, Iowa, and are the parents of five married children who have blessed them with fourteen grandchildren. In July, 2019, Terry will assume responsibilities as Regional Director for The FAMiLY Leader based in Urbandale, Iowa – working specifically with the Church Ambassador Network of FAMiLY Leader.


The following documents are provided by Terry and are being used by New Sharon United Methodist Church in New Sharon, Iowa.
NSUMC Single Ministry Council GUIDELINES

The Strategically Small Church
By Brandon J. O’Brien 

Brandon O’Brien helps pastors and church leaders understand that a smaller church is sometimes better than a big one. He demonstrates the strengths of small congregations, including that today’s church “shoppers” want services that are local, personal, and intimate. Also, small churches provide space to nurture close relationships across age and lifestyle barriers, and they facilitate a higher level of commitment from laypeople. And small church budgets are often more effective because of greater efficiency. The Strategically Small Church will encourage small-church pastors in their ministries and challenge them to play to their strengths.



  10 Prescriptions for a Healthy Church  by  Bob Farr

Ten Prescriptions for a Healthy Church offers prescriptions for the top ten issues seen during church consultations. Bob Farr and Kay Kotan share their expertise from working with churches across the country, detailing the most common concerns and obstacles, and then go straight to the point: What to change, and how, for positive results. They offer a helpful approach to fixing common problems, and strategies to help congregations achieve success in specific areas of ministry. Proven success stories offer practical application inspiration, and hope.






This is the primary resource for understanding the Accountable Leadership ModelWinning on Purpose by  John Edmund Kaiser

Do you really want the mission to succeed?
Are you prepared to live within clear boundaries?
Are you ready to align yourself with a greater purpose?
Do you have what it takes?

Winning on Purpose offers leaders a way to organize congregations for success by creating structures that enable church life and health. As a comprehensive and powerful application of the biblical call to mission, Winning on Purpose sets forth the Accountable Leadership strategy. This model of leadership brings together standards for mission, boundaries, and accountability, and then shows how these standards come to life through the performance of four key players: the board, the pastor, the staff, and the congregation.



The Externally Focused Church by Rick RusawEric Swanson

If Your Church Vanished, Would Your Community Weep? Would Anyone Notice? Would Anyone Care?

“I will never forget the comment of one fourth-grade teacher as she stood there, amazed at the work being done on her classroom by complete strangers: ‘If this is Christianity, then I’m interested,’ she said.”
from Forward by Rick Rusaw and Eric Swanson

Learn from churches that have made serving their communities a priority–with dramatic results. Your church can be a firm pillar in your community because of the unwavering truth and love of its members.

Use case studies from churches that have mastered community service, and apply the action steps to:

Attract new believers and reach hurt and skeptical people through service
Use the resources your church already has to impact those in need
Learn how churches have made community service a part of their DNA
Help your members deepen their spiritual commitment through service
Discover practical ways to change your community–starting now

From the minister to the mechanic and the teen to the tenured, your church will expand God’s kingdom when it extends his love to the people in your community.


Simple Church
by Thom S. Rainer & Eric Geiger

The simple revolution is here. From the design of Apple products to Google’s uncluttered homepage, simple ideas are changing the world.

Now in paperback, multi-awarded #1 national bestseller Simple Church guides Christians back to the simple gospel-sharing methods of Jesus. No bells or whistles required. With insights based on case studies of  400 American churches, Thom Rainer and Eric Geiger prove the disciple-making process is often too complex. Simple churches thrive by taking four ideas to heart:

Clarity. Movement. Alignment. Focus.

Simple Church
 examines each idea, clearly showing why it is time to simplify. This updated trade paper edition includes a new chapter with further insights the authors have gained through hundreds of conversations with church leaders since this landmark book’s original release.


The 17 Essential  Qualities of a Team Player – by John Maxwell

Where can a person go to learn how to become a better team player? Your choices are definitely limited.

John C. Maxwell takes the pain out of knowing what makes a team tick. If you want to have a better team, you have to develop better players. Great team players, like great teams, are formed from the inside out.

The qualities Maxwell teaches quickly take you to the heart of teamwork. Anybody can understand them and apply them – whether at home, on the job, at church, or on the ball field. If you learn the 17 essential qualities of a team player, you can become the kind of person every team wants. If everyone on your team does it, there will be no holding you back.