Jim Shrimplin

Is There More?

A little golden bear and a white rabbit are having a wonderful lunch. The rabbit speedily makes plate after plate of honey for his bear friend. Finally after eating for hours, the bear says, “I must go now. Goodbye Rabbit” Rabbit responds, “Well Goodbye. If you are sure you won’t have any more?” The golden bear pulls is head out of the rabbit hole and says, “Is there any more?” To which the skinning rabbit says, “No. There isn’t.” The little Pooh bear says, “I thought not” and then tries to squeeze himself through Rabbit’s hole only to find he is stuck.

As Christians, we can sometimes be like the little Pooh bear, we feast on the blessing of the Lord for years and years. We go to church. We participate in small groups. We pray intermittently and dust of our Bibles when we need a word from the Lord. One reason our Christianity grows cold is our experience tells us there is no more. You can only go so far in Christianity before our experience reads likes the shampoo bottle. Rinse and Repeat. Rinse and Repeat. Rinse and Repeat for 10, 20, 30 or more years. We ask ourselves is there more to Christianity. Experience tells us, “No. There isn’t.” Or maybe our theological tradition says, “No. There isn’t” Unfortunately our experience agrees by saying, “I thought not.”

I have been sucking in air on this beautiful planet 6 months short of 50 years and have been a person of The Way for a little over half of those years. I write this post with a spirit of lament. I want more from the Lord. The question I have been wrestling with is “How? How do I get more from the Lord?” In the next series of articles, I am going to be write about how to receive more from the Lord. I hope it helps you as much as I hope that it helps me.

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