Jim Shrimplin

Cross Down

The wind was so bad in Iowa yesterday…How bad was it?  The wind was so bad in Iowa, yesterday, that it blew the cross down.  When I got to the office today I was greeted with the cross in our “front yard”  lying on the ground.  We had wind advisories which brought the possibility of damaging winds.  The winds came.  The winds blew.  The cross fell.  I am glad that is not what happens in our spiritual lives.

In our lives, every day has the potential to have “damaging winds.”  We never know when the phone will ring and bad news will be proclaimed to us.   Your spouse has left you.  The bill collector plans on garnishing your wages.  The police officer on the scene calls.  Your 23-year-old son won’t be home for spring break.  No matter the situation, we have all have times when the winds of life blow.    Life gets so difficult we wonder if we can make it.

If that is where you find yourself today, I want to encourage you.  While the cross in our “front yard” blew over, the cross of Christ will never blowdown.  All the demons of hell and the devil himself tried.  They even thought they had won 2000 years ago. The disciples scattered. The women weeping.  Christ dead!  This is the message of Lent.  That one day we all will return to dust.  We too will die.  But thank God, we know that Easter is coming.

Later today, church members will come and stand the cross back up.  They will dig the foundation a little deeper.  This cross will stand again.  The same thing can happen in your life.  People can come and help stand you back up.  Your foundation can be built on the cross of Christ instead of the shifting sand of life.  You can stand up in the strength and power of God.  You can have Easter resurrection power and you don’t have to wait until Easter.  You can have Christ in your life today!  He can transform your life and set you on the solid rock to stay.

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  • J. Wengert| March 6, 2020

    Good message here.

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