Jim Shrimplin

Why Do We Pray?

There is nothing that can affect your life more than prayer.  But, why do we pray?  Do we pray to get things from God?  Do we pray to have our bodies healed?  Do pray to get rid of stress and anxiety?  Why do we pray?

I have listened to and read a lot of stuff about following God over the last 25 years.  In the last couple of months, I have started to wonder if, as Christians, are we doing prayer correctly?  I don’t mean are we praying correctly.  What we I am asking is do we seek the correct things is prayer?

While there is nothing wrong praying for sick loved one, in fact, we should pray that prayer.  Is praying for someone’s healing the overarching goal of a lifetime of prayer?  Is getting the bigger house the goal?  Is getting the new job the goal?  What is the goal of prayer?

When you realize the ultimate goal of prayer, it will revolutionize your walk with Christ.  Here it comes.  Are you ready?  The ultimate goal of prayer is not getting more stuff but getting to know God.  You don’t get up early and pray so that God will give you a new car.  You don’t get up early for God to get you a new…whatever it is you want.  No.  The point of prayer is to get to know God better.

We all have that one person that we would love to meet.  Maybe you have already meet them.  You stood in a line for 3 hours to get their autograph and tell them how much you love what they do.  They said, “Thanks.”  You said can I get a picture with you.  Next thing you know all your friends are liking your post.   You did everything in your power to get close to that person for just a few minutes. Now what?

Let me ask you something.  When was the last time we spent three hours waiting for the Lord in prayer?  I know I haven’t in the last year or maybe even 5 years.  Yet we will wait on our “earthly lord” for three hours to get to talk to them and get their autographs.  If we really believe that getting to know Jesus is the most important thing in our lives, how come we spend so little time on it?

Please don’t think that I am throwing stones at you.  I am not.  I throwing stones at myself and you get to watch.  You get to wonder “Am I next?”  Is God going to discipline me like this?  I hope He does because getting to know Christ is the most important thing we do in a day.