Jim Shrimplin

Two Day Rule


Jocko Willink, ex-Navy Seal, preaches a topic that I need to hear. It is not a passage of Scripture but it is a principle that is Bible friendly. What is this principle that I speak of? It is this, “Disciple = Freedom.” I don’t know about you but I need to realize how this principle could affect my Christian live. Here is how it works.

Take a minute and name that one thing that you have difficultly with in life. You got it? Let’s say money is your difficulty. Your week and your money never end at the same time. Your money always runs out first. You have a big salary so that’s not the problem. This is the problem. You have no discipline and therefore you have no financial freedom. The big paycheck caused you to go out and get a big house, more house than you needed. You thought to yourself, I make enough I can buy anything I want. Now you have everything you wanted but every credit card is maxed out. Your bank account sits empty while you have more junk in your basement than you know what to do with.

The principle is simple, but you will find the execution hard. If you want financial freedom you have to exercise financial discipline. You want freedom to run a marathon? You have to put in the discipline of running everyday. You want freedom in Christ? You have to have the discipline to pray, read your Bible, do good things for others, and all other things that will draw you closer to Jesus.

So what does Freedom = Discipline and the Two Day Rule have to do with this blog post. Everything! The Two Day Rule is a form of discipline. This form of discipline says, “I will not miss doing something two days in a row unless I am sick or something happens that I have no control over.”

I am going to impose the Two Day Rule on myself. This is my commitment that I am making to myself. “I will not miss two days of posting to my blog in a row unless I am sick or something happens to me that I have not control over.” That means if I know I am going to be driving all day one day and will miss posting than I write two post the day before or whatever I have to do so that I don’t miss posting.

What do you need to apply the principle of Discipline = Freedom mantra too? What in your life needs the Two Day Rule? I want to encourage you to do it. You need to pray more because your life is out of control? Apply the Two Day Rule. I will not neglect prayer for more than one day and ever two days in a row.” Want the Freedom to use the Bible when you witness to people? Apple the Discipline = Freedom principle. I will be free to use the Bible in my witnessing because I will read my Bible everyday. I will not miss more than one day and never two days in a row.

Pastor Jim do you do this perfectly? Nope. But with God’s help I am going to get better. I am going to use these two great principles to get closer to the Lord and help you as well by blogging more. Talk to you tomorrow.