Jim Shrimplin

Be Angry But Do Not Sin

Be Angry!  Anger is a real emotion that God has given humanity.  It is even an “emotion” displayed by God!  But, we usually think of anger as being sinful.  It’s not!  I believe what we do with that anger determines whether we have sinned or not.

John was sitting in the back of the patrol car not sure what had just happened.  There were red and blue lights everywhere.  Some of them were on firetrucks, some on ambulances, but most were on cop cars.  Why were they there?  John looked through the caged window that made sure he stayed inside the car.  On the ground, he saw his wife’s lifeless and bloody body.  What had happened?  Anger started to well up in him and as it did he started to remember.

John had gotten home early.  Since it was Friday, he thought he would surprise Mindy, but he was the surprised one.  As he walked through the front door yelling, “Honey, I am home!  How about we go to your favorite…”  John stopped mid-sentence as his jaw hit the ground.  Mindy and Jack, John’s best friend were kissing.  Jack saw John before Mindy.  Jack quickly released his lip-lock on Mindy and ran through the kitchen and out of the house.  Mindy was not so lucky.  John’s face went from disbelief to anger in the blink of an eye.

Mindy slowly got off the love seat as John yelled, “How could you?  And with Jack, my best friend!!”  Suddenly, the door to the police car opened as the officer told John, “Mr. Williams, you are under arrest for the murder of your wife, Mindy Williams.”  John began to cry as the officer read John his rights.  The last words John remembered saying to his wife were “How could you?  An with Jack, my best friend.”  John guessed that something in him snapped and he killed his beloved Mindy.  He didn’t know how he killed her.  All he could remember was why he had killed her.  Betrayed by his wife and best friend.

In our story, John has every right to be angry.  He had found Jack and Mindy kissing.  John then proceeded to kill his wife.  The anger was not were John fell.  It was when he murdered his wife; that was the sin that put him in the back of the police car.

Psalms 4 seems to leave the possibility at least that John could have made it out of that situation without sinning.  “Be angry, but do not sin.”  The million-dollar question for John and for us is how?  How can we be angry and not sin?”  I believe the answer is in the next part of the verse, “ponder in our own hearts on your beds and be silent.  Selah”

The psalmist David wrote those words over 2500 years ago.  What is he trying to tell us?  “Be angry but be careful not to sin.  Don’t do something stupid while your angry.  Go home!  Ponder in your heart what has made you angry.  Think about the situation.  Lay there in silence and think, “What part did I play in this whole mess?”  Maybe if John would have or could have stopped and thought about what part he had played to cause Mindy to run to Jack for love, maybe Mindy would still be alive.  Unfortunately, he didn’t and now he will spend the rest of his life in prison.

Selah—Think About It

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