Jim Shrimplin

So Many Steps

I don’t know how long I have been working on this new website and podcast.  But one thing that I was not ready for was all the steps that are necessary.  In the next couple of weeks, I will blog about all the different steps.  I will post about what equipment I will be using to produce the podcast and what I think of each piece of audio gear.  Starting a podcast and the corresponding website is not as easy as I had hoped.  I will get it done and I will learn a lot then I will pass my new knowledge on to you.  Let me give a sneak peek into some of the steps we will be covering.


Step 1: Why?  Why do I want to create a blog, podcast, and website?
Step 2: Podcast: What do I need?
Step 4: Website: What do I need?
Step5: Blog?  Should I or Should I not?
Step 6: Topics
Step 7: Guest
Step 8: Scheduling Guest
Step 9: Audio Recording
Step 10: Producing the Podcast
Step 11: Finding Time To Blog
Step 12: Website Hosting
Step 13: Podcast Hosting
Step 14: Problems
Step 15: Problems Solved!  I hope?
Step 16: When to Launch?
Step 17: Getting Ready to Launch
Step 18: Launching
Step 19: New and Noteworthy.
Step 20: I don’t know what’s next?

Jim Shrimplin

Getting Ready

  All Things Church is getting ready to launch!!!  I am looking to launch All Things Church Podcast at the beginning of 2019 and one thing that didn’t realize is all the work that goes into pre-launch.  For example, I will be conducting interviews so that means I have to come up with topics to discuss.  After I brainstorm topics, I brainstorm who could be guest speakers that I can interview.  Then I have to email them, follow up to schedule and the list goes on.  This is just the interview side of the podcast.  There is also the audio equipment side of the podcast.  I had to find or buy the right mics, mic stands, mixer, audio interface, headphone, cables to connect everything and that list goes on as well.

One thing that was kind of puzzling was how I was going to do a mix-minus so that the guest could hear me, the music but not themselves when they call in for an interview.  That’s the reason for the picture of the Apple connect.  I needed to figure out a way to get a mic input signal and an audio output signal from my phone into and out of my mixer.  Thankfully, the connector did just that when I plugged in the right splitter.  Now, I can make phone calls through my soundboard; I am ready to do some interviews.

Look for these interviews to begin on the first Monday of each month.  From time to time, I will even put out come bonus content.  Be looking for bonus content especially in the first 8 weeks.  The extra content and your rating, review, and commenting will give All Things Church a better chance of becoming featured on new and noteworthy.

Thanks and Be Blessed,

Jim Shrimplin,
All Things Church

Jim Shrimplin

First Post

All Things Church Blog

The All Things Church Blog will have all kinds of topics.  We will talk about tech in the church, the importance of theology in the local church, best practices for ministry to different ages groups, church history, current issues facing churches, and many other topics.  We will blog about different topics on a weekly basis.  We might even through in a devotional blog post from time to time.  I look forward to interacting with you so find your pew and let’s talk about church.