All Things Church is in the process of getting people lined up to talk to you about topics that are important to you and your church.  Here is a tentative show schedule.

December- What In The World Was I Thinking?
Host: Jim Shrimplin
This is a pre-launch bonus episode.  I will talk about all the things that I have gone into setting up this website, blog, and podcast.  The things I am excited about and the things that I am concerned about.  I can’t wait to get this podcast started.

January- New Podcast, New Year, New Discipline
In this episode, I plan on talking with Karen Nelson about “What is a spiritual discipline?” “How to start a new spiritual discipline?”  “Tips to Continue in Your Spiritual Discipline” and many other questions.  If you need “to up your spiritual discipline game” you won’t want to miss this episode.
Special Guest- Rev. Karen Nelson (Confirmed)

January Bonus Episode Part 1- Streamlining Your Committees
Are committees a thing of the past?  What is the difference between a committee and a team?  How many teams do you need?  Is the One Board Model the best model for streamlining your committees?  What are some advantages and disadvantages to the One Board Model?  We will ask all these questions and more of our special guest.
Special Guest: Rev. Terry Pollard

January Bonus Episode Part 2- The Importance of Sabbatical
What is a sabbatical? How long is a sabbatical?  Can I take a one-day sabbatical?  Dr. Mary Bellon will be our guest on part 2 of our January bonus episode where we will ask these questions and many more.
Special Guest: Dr. Mary Bellon (Confirmed)

February– The Importance of Theology In The Local Church
When you say, “theology” most people cringe or worse tune you out but it should not be this way.  I am looking forward to talking to my special guest about how theology can become important in the pew again.  Does it need to be important?  What problems might be solved by a better theological understanding?  We will talk about these questions and more in our February episode.
Special Guest: Dr. Elmer Colyer


  • * Not all the special guests mentioned above are a confirmed guest.  These are guests that I hope to get on the All Things Church Podcast.